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Not all Lingerie is created equally. Today, quality lingerie is not cheap. Exercising proper care techniques is the best way to extend the life for your lingerie purchases. By following our recommendations, your underwear wardrobe will retain that just bought feeling.

Manufacturers don't lie about care instructions. Although their tag guidelines are usually brief, they always have correct information. As always, make sure you read the care tag on your Lingerie and follow the manufactures recommendations carefully.

MyCamila.com recommends that you always wash your intimates in a lingerie wash bag made of light synthetic mesh. By using a quality lingerie wash bag, you will ensure your intimates avoid the action of today’s washing machines and won’t get twisted and stretched with the other items.

One great product I have used for washing my bras is the BraBall®. This fantastic innovation will help keep your bras in new condition. Just drop your bra in one and toss it in the washer. The BraBall® will prevent the straps from getting all tangled up around the actuator in your washing machine and prolong the life of you lingerie. We don’t sell them here, but you can purchase them direct from the manufacture at www.BraBalls.com

Bra Ball The Bra Protector

You can Also check out this video demonstrating the BraBall in Action.

Aside from the manufactures instructions, I want to give you my personal care instructions

Wash: All of your intimates should be hand washed with a mild detergent such as Ivory Snow in cold water, especially delicate lace and bras with an underwire. Make sure to rinse out the detergent thoroughly. Certain fabrics in some lingerie can melt in extremely hot water. Using a super strong detergent or bleach can also cause stretching and discoloration in some materials.

If you prefer to use a washing machine, make sure to set it the water temperature to cold and set the agitator to the slowest setting. Don’t forget to separate colors with like colors (i.e., separate lights and darks). You don’t want your new sexy White bra to come out Pink. Also, remember to hook, fasten or buckle any product before you put it in the wash. Washing your bra after each use helps to reduce discoloring.

Dry: Line drying or dry flat away from sunlight is the safest way to dry your intimate lingerie. If think you must dry your lingerie in a machine, set it tumble dry on the lowest setting.

Dry clean: If the manufactures tag states dry clean only, you must do so without fail. In other words, the fabric and structure of the garment cannot sustain traditional washing methods or detergents. If you attempt to machine wash them, you will damage or destroy the garment

Wash: Avoid washing your intimate lingerie with other garments like jeans. Due to their delicate nature, many lingerie items will get stretched and twisted. Never soak or bleaching intimates to renew whiteness. It will fade the color and damage the structure of the garment. Avoid the strong detergents you normally use to wash your regular laundry.

Dry: Never place your lingerie in a dryer loosely with other garments. Again, your items will stretch and twist causing it to lose its original shape. Plus, some materials will shrink from the heat generated in the dryer. Try to avoid line drying. It can creases and stretch some of your delicate garments. Always dry your intimates out of the sun. The intense rays from the sun can cause the colors to fade prematurely. Finally, never iron your lingerie. If they become extremely wrinkled, carefully use steamer to remove wrinkles.

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