Vedette Full Body Shapewear

Here you will find all our Vedette Shapewear Vests, Girdles and Corsets.

Women have been utilizing Girdles Corsets and Vests to create a thinner, hourglass curvaceous look. But don’t forget a girdle can also provide lower back support, maternity and post-partum abdominal support to speed up recovery.

We DO NOT accept returns on any shapewear with a crotch (Open or closed). So please read our Return Policy before you place an order for more details.

Today's Shapewear is designed to help modify your natural shape, producing a more desirable figure. They help hide or enhance your natural features to help reshape your body to create a classic hourglass figure, reduce the recovery time of post partum, plastic surgery and aid orthopedic problems by providing additional back support to promote proper posture.

Please see our Care guide for tips and care information to prolong the life of your intimate shapewear.

Full Body Shapewear