Co'CooN Powernet Max Line of Shapewear

The Co’CooN Powernet Max Line Shapewear features three layers of fabric for a triple reduction effect. These shaping and reducing garments are manufactured using layers of Powernet and cotton. The weaving pattern of Powernet allows your body to breathe through the material while providing a high compression level. Powernet allows free movement with little to no slippage. You will not find yourself making adjustments with these garments under your clothes.

The natural cotton lining absorbs excess moisture providing freshness and comfort. Lastly, the manufactured these garments with flat seams to avoid leaving marks on your skin after wearing them all day.

This garment is perfect for post-surgery recovery, high impact exercise and after child birth to help regain you figure. The daily use helps to increase skin firmness.

We DO NOT accept returns on certain items. So please read our Return Policy before you place an order for more details. We also provide this basic Size Chart to help determine your size before placing your order.

The manufacturing process incorporates the method “flat sawing” so that marks on the body are avoided; and in order to absorb body toxins such as sweat, and excess of water we added a natural fiber cotton layer in the thermalzone.

These garment are so effective and comfortable that I can recommend wearing one every day.

Powernet Max