Chamela manufactures the most beautiful comfortable Colombian lingerie available period.

Chamela produces it products from Antioquia Colombia. Chamels has been designing and manufacture beautiful lingerie for women of all ages for over eight years on a multi national level. They utilize the highest quality standards in every aspect of a modern manufacturing facility. From material selection to manufacturing procedures, Chamela is at the cutting edge of the industry.

Soft Cup Bras
Comfort and support for everyday confidence
Push Up Bras
Offer great support, shape and cleavage enhancing
Perfect Push Up Bras
Increase your breasts by one cup size
Soft Comfortable classic cut Panties
Women's  Boxer Shorts and Boyshorts
Comfortable Boyshorts. Say good buy to panty lines.
Sexy Thong Panties
Sexy and playful Thongs. Say good buy to panty lines.
G-String Thongs
Sexy G-Strings that are sure to please. Say good buy to panty lines.
Sexy Nighty’s
A comfortable and Sexy Nighty’s is the perfect thing to add some excitement to your night.
Appealing swimsuits for women of all ages.

We DO NOT accept returns on any garments with a crotch (Open or closed). So please read our Return Policy before you place an order for more details. We also provide this basic Size Chart to help determine your size before placing your order.

Please see our Care guide for tips and care information to prolong the life of your intimate lingerie.

Comfortable Soft Cup Bra
Our Soft Cup Bras offer Comfort and support for everyday confidence. These soft bras are so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing one.

Cleavage Enhancer Push Up Bra
Our Cleavage Enhancing Push Up Bras have evolved from being a specialist product to being a mainstay of many of your wardrobes. They offer great support but they also offer a fantastic shape and cleavage. If you are looking for a sexy push up bra to enhance your current shape then please take a moment to view what we offer. Most come with and underwire support and have removable or multi position straps.

Sexy Breast Enhancer Perfect Push Up Bra
Our Cleavage enhancing Perfect Push-Up Bras are much like our Push Up bras but with an additional amazing benefit. They are designed to enhance and lift your bust creating the illusion of increasing your cup size by one full size. They also feature a low plunging lines perfect for low neckline tops. This line of bras is a seductive lingerie style you will love.

For daily comfort, I would suggest our traditional bikini panties. But if you’re looking for something to make your man look twice, I suggest one of our sexy G-Strings.

Our classic cut Panties are comfortable and beautiful. They come in a variety of styles to fit your moods. We offer both sexy panties and classic cut panties.

Boy Shorts
If you've never tried them before, our comfortable boyshorts are absolutely terrific. They are soft, beautiful and playful. Thin, comfortable and sometimes stretchy. Boxers are perfect for avoiding visible panty lines when you need something with a little more coverage and comfort than a thong.

Sexy Thongs and Sexy G-Strings
Thongs are undoubtedly the sexiest panty available today. A G-String is made up of a small triangle in the front, typically with strings that go around the hips and another, thin string riding up your back. Not only are these thongs very sexy, they don’t have the disadvantage of revealing panty lines like traditional panties tend to do.

Sexy Baby Dolls
Our Sexy Baby Dolls are great for those romantic moments and special occasions but are comfortable enough for everyday wear. They are great if you want to add some excitement to your nights. Caution, you will suffer from a lack of sleep when used properly.

Active Wear
We offer Activewear that will stand up to your most stressful workout yet still keep you looking your best at the gym, park or just jogging on the beach..

Swim Wear
We offer swimsuits that are appealing to a wide variety of women of all ages. Keep cool this summer with the sexiest swimwear from Chamela.

Chamela Colombian Lingerie